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As an archaeologist for over 20 years now, I have been most fortunate to work and travel on five continents, with my trusty camera (and more recently drone) never far from hand. Consequently, Ive been afforded some privileged access to many sites and been welcomed into some amazing communities around the world. Photography is now (and has been for quite some time) an integral part of documenting and recording archaeological data, and something I utilise almost daily while on excavation or in post-excavation scenarios cataloging artefacts and various assemblages etc.

Outside of my day job, photography is simply my passion, a hobby that lets me indulge in travel and nature. Landscape and seascapes with emphasis on black and white long exposure and trying to capture the essence and timelessness of all things archaeological are areas of particular interest. I find that black and white photography assists in trying to achieve the aforementioned, as it reveals aspects of a scene that are often lost or distracted by colour. That said some landscapes just have to be in colour.


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